Essential Amino Acids - supplementing

Jay, what is your experience and advice with Essential Amino Acids as a supplement?
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Asked by Scott |

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  • J

    Pretty much totally worthless provided one is consuming enough protein from quality sources daily.

    One of the greatest scams ever played on the Gym culture is BCAA's.

    Although they are a decent supplement for people who never get enough protein in their diet. (Many women fall into this camp).

  • S

    Yeah I'm referring to essential amino acids (the 8 not produced by the body) not branched-chain amino acids. BCAA's (only 3 of the 8) are not a complete amino acid.


  • J

    No real difference as long as you're getting quality protein.

    Don't be lied to by liars.

    Essential Aminos are found in grass fed beef and wild caught fish.

    Plenty of supplements out there too. Minkoff's Perfect Amino etc.