Testosterone Level Too High?

Jay - I'm pretty new to TRT and I have some questions to which I am getting different answers. First one, my testosterone level was 2340 on my last test and my primary care Dr. told me to stop immediately. So I called my TRT Dr. and he said it was OK and if if go lower on my current dosage, 25 units daily of 200mg/ml, I will not get the full effects I am looking for. Do I listen to my PC or TRT Dr? I feel great with no side affects. What do I tell my PC so he won't talk to me like I'm crazy and tell me I cannot maintain that dosage. and should stop.
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Asked by Frank |

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  • J

    You fire your PC. Why do you even have a PC anyway?

    What does he do for you?

    If you can answer that question intelligently and in a way that justifies his utility....you'll blow me away.

    Come strong Frank. :)