BPC-157 after Stem Cell Treatment

Jay, I recently had PRP and BMAC on both of my hips for mild to moderate arthritis and left/right tears in my labrum. I def see progress after three weeks. I just started bpc-157 last night with .1ml or 10 units. Is prescribed once a day at night but I see guys doing it twice a day. For the first injection, I put it in my belly. My question is should I put it more down in the groin area where my labrum is or top of the hip muscles for better results? I was a little nervous for the first time I didn’t want to hit any blood vessels. Will I get the same effect if I just put it in my belly? Also is once a day enough bpc to heal or should I take it more than once a day? Thank you! Joe
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  • J

    Site injection is oftentimes more effective to speed localized healing.

    You are asking questions that have been answered many times before both on my website(FREE) and in my book and course.

    I would dig deeper and do the work my friend!