Ipa vs Tirzepatide

Newbie to the peptide world but after watching your podcast both my husband and me want to jump in. I’m the 67 yr women with 10 lbs of belly fat to loose, osteopenia and pre diabetes just learned I have. Been thru open heart last year due to bad valve and cleaned up my blockages. Family history of heart disease and high cholesterol. We have both cleaned up our diet, very low sugar/carbs, more protein, cardio and back to weights a little and both of us lost weight just by cleaning up our diet and doing IF. You mentioned ipa was a good place to start if new. Or should we both try Tirzepatide? We don’t take any bhrt. Just want to loose belly fat mainly for now. My husband has about 20 lbs. of belly fat to loose. He likes the once a week shot instead of every day shot with IPA. I’m thinking IPA for me? Should we buy your course being so new? Buy the book? Would that benefit us? Talk to you on a one on one? We’re not looking to stack a bunch right now. Just want to start slow and learn. Do we buy the USA made? We’re happy to support in you the best way we can with our limited knowledge. Thank you Jay
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    Purchase book and read it closely.

    From there, formulate questions to consult with me: JayCampbell.com/services

    My Private Membership Group is also an option.


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    We bought your book! We want to buy Ipamorelin today since it's last day. Do you recommend just the ipamorelin 99%  made in USA or the 12mg ipamorelin/cjc1295 (no dac) 6mg. we want to work on fat loss first as you say.