Being with evil ...

Jay, What have you found in your own experience to be the best way for you to be with your deep knowledge of the depth of evil running through our institutions today ... And the horrendous evil of pedophilia, human trafficing, satanic ritual abuse, the jab, etc ... So you can keep your vibration high and inspired?
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  • J

    Thinking there is "evil" or "good" is observing only thru the lens of the 3rd Dimensional duality thought paradigm.

    My friend, you are nothing more than a waveform holographic fractal of the source.

    How does plasmatic discharge experience good or evil?

    It does not and can not.

    In our physical avatar bodies (which are consented to and imagined for spiritual evolution and growth) in this low vibration 3D reality known as the Earth plane, we choose to label experiences from a dualistic perspective. 

    Outside of this linear and dualistic material construct, nothing is labeled as there is only the NOW aka zero point as represented in the torus field of oscillating waves and vibrating particles.

    As a Master reality creator in this simulated dimension of time space, the best choice is to opt out of dualistic thought paradigms and observe all experienced from a place of neutral observation.

    We evolve the most spiritually through contrast.  

    The more your life zigs and zags and ebbs and flows the better providrd you don't resist it and attach negative labels to each experience.

    The best way for me to summarize everything I just said is to state my Life Mantra.

    All is Happening Exactly as it is DIVINELY INTENDED, ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS!

    Resistance to this Awareness is Futile!

  • D

    Thank you.