Are we Atlanteans?

Do you think we are the Atlantean civilization reborn and are we headed for another catastrophic reset as evil forces on our planet are pushing further to the dark side?
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  • J

    Every Souled Being incarnated on Earth now has chosen to be here for Spiritual Evolution and Growth. (The likelihood we have journeyed here many times before to serve the eternal directive of expansion and contraction is high.)

    We are all Wave Form Holographic Energy Beings and Fractals of the SOURCE.

    In the 3rd Dimension, Humans have chosen to descend in consciousness in order to forget who and what they truly are. In choosing this lowered state of "reality", we have accepted the concepts of duality and polarity ie., good and evil.

    From an energy standpoint (looking at us as base essence plasmatic discharges of energy and frequency) there is nothing dual or polarized. There is only the NOW or the Zero Point as it is discussed in Quantum Physics.

    When you realize "good and evil" are labels we have chosen to create and that "life" truly is nothing more than experiences we have the opportunity to observe and learn from, your thought patterns will shift.

    You are Your Own Master Reality Creator here in this 'simulated dimension' in order for your words, thoughts and actions to matter. 

    Make them always conscious, focused and lovingly intentional!

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