Using TRT, Ipamorelin & CJC-1295

If you’re already taking therapeutic testosterone, would you recommend using Ipamorelin & CJC-1295 for fat loss if you’re between 15 and 20 percent body fat? Or would this stack plus testosterone work better for muscle gain?
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  • J

    This is a great question and one I will make public for all to see because WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED!

    'Fat Loss' is clearly based on a deficit in your nutritional intake just as 'Muscle Gain' is based on a surplus.

    Drugs or peptides can help in both but all function back and are relevant to your caloric intake. 

    By eating less, increasing movement(building muscle thru resistance training and performing aerobic exercise) and using select drugs/peptides that increase resting energy expenditure, you can drop body fat. 

    The goal with weight loss is always to preserve muscle and lose body fat. So losing weight on the scale isn't as important as dropping clothes or belt sizes.

    We always want to lose body fat and hold onto muscle which sometimes doesn't cause much actual scale weight loss as muscle weighs more than fat. When one is losing body fat the right way, they are replacing it with muscle which keeps 'weight' relatively constant or static.

    The same thing can be said for Gaining Muscle...the same drugs that increase GH production(Peptides/hGH) and improve anabolism (Testosterone or other Anabolic Steroid Medications)when used in microdose fashion combined with eating above your daily caloric maintenance intake (while also performing resistance training to positive muscle failure, getting adequate rest and living a fully optimized lifestyle) will lead to gains in skeletal muscle tissue.

    Hopefully this cleans things up for you?

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense, thanks Jay.

    I'm also struggling with how to best sequence doing a fat loss phase via caloric deficit and a muscle-building phase. At 6'0, ~18-20% body fat, and 180 lbs, I know I need to both lose fat and gain muscle. Wondering if you'd recommend getting to sub-15% body fat before doing a gaining phase. Or, is just a personal preference on which should go first?

    Appreciate all the knowledge and expertise you share with us. 

  • J

    Lose bodyfat first. Always and foremost.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Jay