How FIVE works in 5 simple steps

1. Create your page

Your fans want more from you... give it to them!

Create an account and set up your page in minutes. Choose your custom URL, upload your avatar, add a bio and an introductory welcome video!

2. Create your offering


Customize your offerings and pricing for your membership tiers and 1:1 private sessions.


Most experts offer a free tier and 2 paid tiers, but you can customize your memberships exactly how you want.

Private sessions

Want to offer 1:1 private consulting sessions? Here you can customize as many offerings as you would like including:

Private Chats
Video Sessions

3. Jumpstart your community

Before you “Go Live” we recommend adding some content to your page. On FIVE there 3 types of content:

The most unique part about the platform is our “two-way” content model that empowers your members to post questions to your public inbox. This content is incredibly sticky as it sparks deep engagement across your entire member base, and you can gate the content by making some public and some members only.

Before you launch we recommend pulling out 5-10 of the most popular questions you get in your comments, emails and DM’s — answering them — and posting them to your page.

With Posts, you can create both short-form and long-form exclusive content and “gate” what you want to be available. With our editor, you can write content or post videos and choose what is displayed publicly vs. what can only be seen by your different membership tiers. We recommend adding at least 1 post before going live.

FIVE also supports ticketed live events allowing your members to attend free or paid events that you host via live stream.

4. Update your socials

Before announcing your new community to the world you want to make sure you have your entry points updated.

Add your new FIVE link to your Link in Bio on socials, your email signature, your website, and anywhere your audience connects with you.

5. Go live

Tell the world: Announce across all of your channels
Blast your database via email
Ask your friends and peers to share the news

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to questions you may have.

What is FIVE?

FIVE is a community-based monetization platform for creators who’ve built an audience on expert advice. With FIVE, creators can offer exclusive access, content and services via membership, 1:1 consulting engagements and digital downloads.

Is FIVE free to join?

FIVE is and always has been completely free to join! 

How do I join FIVE?

Joining FIVE is easy. Simply click here and submit your information and a representative from our creator success team at FIVE will be in contact to learn more about you and your goals.

How is FIVE different from Patreon? Substack? OnlyFans? Cameo?

FIVE is built for creators who get asked a lot of questions and interacting with members is core to success.  The features and functionality at FIVE are built to help the creator field questions and provide answers and advice at scale, whereas other creator monetization platforms are primarily built to “push out” content with little to no community engagement.  Additionally, FIVE unlocks extra value with long-tail SEO optimization, automated newsletters, private 1:1 offerings, digital downloads, integrated events and our 1:1:many content model.   We’ve broken out a side-by-side comparison here.

What is the difference between FIVE and Instagram Subscriptions?

What makes FIVE different from models like Instagram Subscriptions is that we have built tools that help Creators go beyond simply charging their audience for exclusive content. FIVE’s content model, automated newsletters, SEO capabilities, and email list management give Creators the power to discover new audiences and build long-term relationships with their community faster than ever before.

How does FIVE help me grow my community?

FIVE has built a dedicated creator enablement team that is available to work with all of our creators on building and executing community growth strategies to help them exceed their expansion goals. The platform is designed to help you get to know the people behind the screen names, bring your top supporters into your world, and build a stronger and more authentic community than anywhere else.

How does FIVE make money?

FIVE only wins when our Creators win. We receive 20% of monthly revenue generated through the platform and cover all credit card, transaction and any currency conversion fees from our percentage. Our take is based on covering administrative processing, making available dedicated support resources, SEO optimization capabilities, automated newsletters, and a variety of programs designed to increase your community engagement and earning potential.

How do I become a top creator on FIVE?

Working with all of the top creators at FIVE has given us a front row seat to see what works and we’ve built a set of best practices to share with all of our creators. Top creators on FIVE use active & passive social promotion, DM automation, direct link in bio, and email strategies to drive traffic and revenue in their communities. Every new creator on FIVE has access to a FIVE team member that can provide support to make sure your FIVE profile is fully enriched and easily accessible to your community.

How much can I earn using Five?

Earning potential is unlimited at FIVE. We’ve had creators come on to the platform and generate more than $10,000 in revenue within the first 48 hours, so the sky's the limit, it’s really just about what your fan base wants from you and what you’re willing to offer in terms of exclusive access, exclusive content, 1:1 coaching or consulting and digital downloads. We’re here to help you craft the perfect offering.

Why is it called FIVE?

FIVE is built upon 5 core features that our creators leverage to monetize their knowledge:

  • Membership
  • Consulting
  • Storefront
  • Automation
  • Analytics

We also believe that true connections and powerful knowledge transfers can happen in as little as five minutes.

Are you ready to join?

Now you see that the process is simple as ABC. You only need FIVE minutes to start monetizing your expertise.

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