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Five Ways ChatGPT Can Improve Your Programming Skills

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Here are five ways a student can use ChatGPT to improve their programming skills:

  1. ChatGPT gives you instant feedback on your coding assignments (with a bit of prompt engineering), which allows you to identify & correct errors efficiently. This feature is useful when the tracebacks in your integrated development environment of choice fail to give you enough information on why your code isn't working properly.
  2. ChatGPT can give you personalized resources & guidance, which can then be used to improve your programming skills by focusing on your individual needs.
  3. You can develop problem-solving skills & practice interactive coding by prompt engineering ChatGPT to give you challenging exercises.
  4. As ChatGPT gives you timely & relevant feedback, it allows you to stay motivated & engaged with your coding assignments.
  5. ChatGPT can help you improve your coding skills by giving you copious coding resources & tutorials, which are a prompt away.

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