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Beginner Java Project Idea: Output a String in Reverse

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For this project, we will create a Java program which can output a user input string in reverse.


  1. Create a Java project in your integrated development environment of choice.
  2. Create a StringReverser class with a method that takes in a String and returns the reversed String.
  3. In the main method of your StringReverser class, use the Scanner class to prompt the user to input a String.
  4. Call the method you defined in step 2 with the input String as an argument and output the result to the console.


By completing this project, you will learn the following concepts:

  • Working with Java libraries
  • Creating an interface using the command-line
  • Implementing methods & functions
  • Problem-solving
  • Algorithm design

You will learn how to process text & analyze data by completing this project, which are relevant skills which are applicable to multiple real-world scenarios.


You may consult the resources below along with ChatGPT for more help:

  1. Java Tutorials: Getting Started
  2. Java API Documentation
  3. How to Reverse a String in Java

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