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Beginner Project Idea: Creating a Calculator in Java

For this project, we will be creating a four-function calculator that a user can use from the command line or terminal on their computer.


  1. Create a Java project in your integrated development environment of choice.
  2. Define a calculator class with necessary fields & methods for its operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division).
  3. Implement a method for each of the four operations which takes in two double values & returns the results of the operation.
  4. Use the scanner class to prompt the user to input two double values & the operation they would like to perform.
  5. Use the input to call the appropriate method to perform the calculation & output the result to the command line.


By completing this project, you will learn object-oriented programming, working with Java libraries & creating command-line programs. Algorithm design & problem-solving are skills you will learn, which are critical in your pursuit to become a software developer.


You can use these resources & ChatGPT to get started. Additionally, if you have any questions or any issues arise, you may book a 1:1 chat or call on the main page or post a question to the forum with the issue you are experiencing.

  1. Java Tutorials: Getting Started
  2. Java API Documentation
  3. How to Use Scanner Class in Java

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