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Five Reasons Why Programming Projects Are Good For Resumes

Here are five reasons why you should consider completing independent programming projects to showcase on your resume:

  1. Skills & Experience: You will show employers that you have hands-on experiences in the programming languages & frameworks they expect you to know for the job description.
  2. Creativity & Problem-Solving: As projects consist of a solution which requires creative thinking & problem solving to devise, your ability to think outside the box & devise innovative solutions will be shown in your projects.
  3. Teamwork & Collaboration: Some projects require work to be delegated across a team of people to get the job done more efficiently. Projects can tell the employer you have what it takes to work with clients or stakeholders on the job.
  4. Initiative & Passion: Employers will see that you have a love for programming & a passion for being challenged. They will see your perseverance as you work through problems, making you a top candidate for the job.
  5. Examples: Projects are examples of your accomplishments throughout your programming career or your computer science studies. They show employers what you've been able to achieve so far & what you're capable of achieving.

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