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Project Idea: Optimization Algorithm

The optimization algorithm uses quantum computing to solve complex projects in an attempt to advance research into quantum computing & improve problem-solving capabilities. Algorithms, such as Grover's algorithm, quantum annealing & variational quantum eigensolver are used to achieve this task.


  • Java
  • Qiskit: For building quantum computing applications


You will need three algorithms as follows:

  • Grover's Algorithm is used to search unsorted databases to find the most optimal solution to a problem in O(sqrt(N)) time. It takes the square root of the time to search for an optimal solution with this algorithm compared to other classical search algorithms. This algorithm is simple to understand & can be transmuted into a more complex algorithm with experience. It addresses the performance limitations of classical computers by square rooting the steps it takes to find a solution.
  • Quantum Annealing solves problems by finding the lowest energy state of a quantum system. This algorithm is highly useful in solving advanced problems such as the traveling salesman problem, which traditional computers tend to have difficulty solving efficiently.
  • Variational Quantum Eisenglover is used to find the ground state energy of a quantum system to solve problems in chemistry & materials science. This algorithm can be used to find the electronic structure of molecules.


This project is very difficult & requires advanced expertise in quantum programming. Expertise with Java, Qiskit, quantum mechanics, computer science, math & physics are required.

I have provided some links for you to get started developing your own optimization algorithm if this project intrigues you.


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