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Five Fun Computer Science Project Ideas (Part 1)

Here are a list of five fun computer science projects you can try that will add experience under your belt:

Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management System

In this project, the developer will use blockchain technology to improve supply chain management, reduce fraud & increase transparency in an attempt to streamline & the improve the efficiency of supply chain processes.

IoT Traffic Management System

In this project, the developer will develop an IoT-based system aimed at optimizing traffic flow & reduce congestion to improve efficiency & reduce emissions.

Customer Service Chatbot

In this project, the developer will create a chatbot which uses GPT technology to answer customer questions in the context of the product or service the customer is inquiring about. The goal of the chatbot is to reduce workload on customer service representatives while improving customer satisfaction.

Weather Prediction System

In this project, the developer will use quantum computing to build a prediction model for forecasting weather patterns & events. Meteorologists will then use this system to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting & devise better gameplans in advance of natural disasters in order to mitigate their impact on the population.

Password Manager

Using cryptography concepts, the developer will use advanced encryption techniques aimed at protecting user data from malicious agents. This project is aimed at improving password security while making it more difficult for bad actors to breach networks & compromise customer data.


If any of the above project ideas intrigued you, feel free to research more about them, including different technologies & frameworks you would need to learn in order to carry out said projects. You can also use ChatGPT to learn the frameworks quicker.

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