Liver fibrosis

Good morning. How can we cure/reverse liver fibrosis. No energy or motivation. Feel tired all day just like to lay down. Did loose weight too. Its non alcoholic had jaundice like 12 years ago
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    Liver is easily fixed but it does take sometimes 2 to 3 years to full heal, it depends on the issue and how long has it been. That said, two major things will play part of your diet, Intermittent Fasting with major sugar/grain/fructose reduction, and Vitamin e Tocotrienols.

    I know Vitamin E is expensive but it's worth it, and currently I am waiting for an answer from a company, as they would like 15 patients with Fatty Liver Disease to go on a test run of 3 or 4 month with Vitamin E dose of 400 to 600iu to reverse liver issue. you could be one of them if you like to participate. if it's yes, respond back and let me know to put your name down, and once they approve the process we can ship you the product, as long as you only paying shipping...