Hello Maurice, I am struggling with allergies and constant itchy throat and ears, sneezing all the time and generally feeling really bunged up and swollen in the face. Do you recommend anything I can take for this? Any herbal things that will help these allergies disappear. I think it’s a mix of dust mite allergies, hay fever and rhinitis maybe. Thank you :)
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    Hi, it's all based on your diet as it does play a huge role on activating certain allergy symptoms; that said, I would discontinue any Dairy and eggs for now. and try to add Vitamin C, and pycnogenol. Vitamin C should be consumed at 1,000mg up to 4 times a day, unless you can find a good affordable liposomal, I can recommend one if you like.

    and for pycnogenol here is a link for it... both vitamins with the dairy removal, could change symptoms within few weeks.

    But would like to see your eating habits to get a better idea.


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    Thanks Maurice I will try this! 

    I think it could be related to my asthma too. I already have a Vitamin c it's by global healing it's all organic vitamin c and it says it's 180mg per 2ml so I guess I need to be taking this in large amounts? 

    my eating habits are something like this 

    breakfast Avacado on toast with sourdough feta cheese 

    lunch either a salad or a sandwich 

    evening wild salmon veg and potatoes 

    snacks in between can be poor sometimes snack on chocolate or more processed foods. 

    thank you 

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    Increase Vitamin C by at least 2 folds.

    As for your initial meal discontinue the usage of Toast/sourdough, keep it simple and without any grains nor sugars if possible. and or move it to last meal of the day.

    Potatoes what type, sweet or white?

    Try to include snacks within your meals. and not being seperated at all.