After bypass surgery and I have a heartbeat that goes up to 80 mainly at noon. I take vitamin e and magnesium taurate 3 times a day. At night I'm fine, my heart rate also drops to 52-55. Do you think it has to do with anxiety? After all I went through a big event. Or is there a way to balance the pulse? Regarding blood pressure, it is excellent.
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    Not sure how long the bypass surgery been, as the heart will fluctuate back and forth for few month up to a year before it's fully stable, from what I've seen with numerous users, as long you maintain proper magnesium intake, and vitamin E you should be ok and fine. but I would add L-tyrosine and L-theanine to maintain the body to stay calm, less stress, and allow the body and brain to recover from the extensive operation... as it does take time to heal.

    L-tyrosine: 500mg up to 3 times a day, empty stomach


    L-theanine: 200mg morning and night, empty stomach


    Of course they are opetional if you are able to stable your stress, sometimes would be great to check your vitamin B profile, as certain B complex family play a huge role in the bodies thyroid and adrenal from being overwhlemed 

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    What do you think about substitutes for platelets? After a year and a half since the operation, I am not ready to take blood thinners.  Uses cayenne pepper, lots of drinking, and natural HAWTHORN BERRIES tea

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    My kidney filtration rate is 75 can I take the supplements you mentioned?  Can municipal palpitations be a coffee string?