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Hello, I had an ASD in 2018 which has been fixed but now I’m dealing with what they say are PVCs they’ve tried to put me on beta blockers which I don’t want to take. I’m taking magnesium and vitamin d and omega3s also upping my healthy fats is there anything else I can do and should I take the medication? The Magnesium I take is a powder form with glycine, L taurine, L glutamine, L theanine, with vitamin c and b added. And the fish oil is omega 3 wild Alaskan fish and it just says 1-3 a day. I had to ask the question again as I paid for the subscription on this account but asked the question on another so couldn’t reply. Appreciate your help. Thanks
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    Sorry the magiesum says 

    In one 9g scoop it contains 

    200mg magnesium 

    Glycine - 1800mg

    L glutamine - 500mg 

    L themaine - 100g

    and L taurine - 2000mg and I take it once a day at the minute 

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    Your are missing 1 more ingredient which is Benfotamine of 200mg daily. this is considered a Vitamin B1; in addition, your magnesium of 200mg, should be consumed every 3 to 4hrs, not once a day, your cells need to saturate in order to get proper magnesium to your heart tissue. you meantioned L-themaine 100g ? what is that explain is this L-theanine you mean?