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Hello. I am 23 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with hypothiroidism and pots syndrome. I’m currently taking Eutirox 75mg every day. I have low blood pressure, bradicardia and tachycardia, and many gut issues like reflux, bad breath, abdominal pain and bloating, and body pain specially in my feet. Also encountering hormonal acne and a lot of anxiety. What should I take and what doctors or test should I get on. Thank you!
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  • M

    Hypothyroidism - please explain, what is the level of your FREE T3, as if the doctor only checking your TSH, it’s irrelevant.


    POTS -> You will have to saturate your body with magnesium chloride


    Magnesium will adjust blood pressure, as for the acid reflux, you would nee GutArmor to allow healing of your gut, and you should do food combining with probiotics as well, and postbiotics. Probiotics to be consumed about 1hr before meals, and postbiotics during.



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  • Anonymous

    Originally I had these results:

    T3: 119

    T4: 8.8

    TSH: 6.94

    I took Eutirox 50md daily and after around 4 months I did more studies and obtained these results:

    T3: 106

    T4: 8

    TSH: 4.96

    With these, he elevated the dosis to Eutirox 75mg daily and I have been taking that dosis for about 3 months.


    Apart from that, I'm also experiencing random body pain and burning sensation, as well as swollen extremities which my doctor assumes it could be ehlders syndrome.