Hypertension and kidney inflammation

Suffering from high blood pressure 200/120 and lupus nephritis, reduced GFR 47. Not currently taking any western medicine, due to side effects. How reverse and manage both of my issues? Already had 5 minor strokes, only 40, revered lupus already. my lupus already
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    Since you had couple of strokes, was there any stents. Would like to see some blood work, and you should start these two supplements ASAP if possible, to saturate your cells and get your arterial system flexible and allow blood clotting to reduce. These supplements will support vessels to heal and allow flexibility.

    Magnesium Chloride; take 20 drops every 3hrs



    Nitrate Supplement, take two capsules every morning;


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    Blood Work

    Lp(a), MPO, LpPLA2, Apo B, Apo A1, Fibrinogen, Homocysteine

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    Thank you for contact. I appreciate it.

    How likely are the two suggested supliments work?

    Will the supliments work for reducing blood pressure?


    Magnesium Chloride- is it available in tablet or capsule form?

    I'm already taking 10+ supliments?



    The blood I currently have are as below..


    Specimen Type: Blood

    Specimen Reference#: 1

    Collected: 10 Feb 2023

    Received: 10 Feb 2023

    Provider Sample ID: B,23.3771972.H


    Pathology Investigations


    Urea & Electrolytes Interpret eGFR with caution in adults with extremes of muscle mass

    and in those who consume protein supplements.

    eGFR in CKD stage 3 range - refer to renal referral guidelines

    AKI has not been detected,OR an AKI calculation has not been made

    If AKI is suspected, please REPEAT serum creatinine within 24 hrs

    Serum sodium level 139 mmol/L [133.0 - 146.0]

    Serum potassium level 4.4 mmol/L [3.5 - 5.3]

    Serum urea level 9.4 mmol/L [2.5 - 7.8]; Above high reference limit

    Serum creatinine level 144 umol/L [64.0 - 104.0]; Above high reference limit

    GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 47 mL/min/1.73m2

    Acute kidney injury warning stage NA


    Liver function tests

    Serum total bilirubin level 10 umol/L [2.0 - 21.0]

    Serum alanine aminotransferase level 20 iu/L [< 40.0]

    Serum albumin level 41 g/L [35.0 - 50.0]

    Serum alkaline phosphatase level 94 iu/L [30.0 - 130.0]


    Serum magnesium level 0.86 mmol/L [0.7 - 1.0]


    Serum C reactive protein level < 5.0 mg/L [< 10.0]


    Serum vitamin B12 level 730 ng/L [211.0 - 911.0]; Ongoing monitoring of people being treated with B12 or folic

    acid is generally considered unnecessary (CKS 2011)


    Serum ferritin level 15 ug/L [10.0 - 322.0]


    Serum folate level 4.2 ug/L [5.4 - 24.0]; Below low reference limit