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Hello dear my age is 41 my blood pressure use to be 140/90/85 .my family doctor prescribed me bp doesn’t suit me it give pressure near nose.I take only half tablet.but I m trying to change my life style.I just took one month medication.what should I do?i m pretty sure my bp will be under 130.please help let me know i should go with medication or not.
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    Start by limiting Simple Carbohydrates and startches foods as they cause the blood to coagulate, and specifically seed oils, discontinue all. in addition, start taking Nitrate Supplement every single morning to balance your blood pressure and allow more blood flow and get the following blood work


    Nirtate Supplement:

    Blood Test:

    HS-CRP, GFR, AST, ALT, ACR, homocysteine, fibrinogen, HbA1C, Free T3, Cholesterol levels, MPO or LpPLA2

    This is will gives a better picture if there is any vessel damage