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Hi Maurice and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. In october i startet on adhd meds and took a full psysichal and had high BP and cholesterol, got prescription for amlodipin that i testet a few days.. No way im going to feel like a car trying to drive with the handbrake on. Got my BP down to 130/88 with focus on breathing and exercise. Then got prescribed statins, never filled the prescription and startet, b complex, E, K2, l-carcitine, l-tyrosine, taurine, fish oil, zinc, iron, aged garlic, (vit C + Lions mane before bed) and of course magnesium.. December 8 my Bloodtest was (october result) S-HDL-Kolesterol 0,8-2,1 =0.9 (0.9 oct) S-LDL-Kolesterol 1,4-4,8 =4.9 (5.4 in oct) S-Kolesterol 3,3 -6,9 =5.4 (5.6 oct) S-Triglyserider0,5 - 2,6 =2.5 (2.5 oct) Then i took a new test feb 16 S-HDL-Kolesterol 0,8-2,1 =0.9 S-LDL-Kolesterol 1,4-4,8 =4.3 S-Kolesterol 3,3 -6,9 =5.1 S-Triglyserider0,5 - 2,6 =1.5 S-Kalium 3,6-4,6= 4.4 S-Natrium 136-146= 142 P-CRP <5 =<4 70mg lisdexamfetamine 20mg dextroamphetamine A day Look like i did some good with ldl and Triglys but my Hdl is not moving at all, what can i do? Thank you from Norway 🇧🇻
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    Thank you for sharing the info. the only reason HDL did not move, 2 things. not sure if you are eating good Cholesterol such as Egg yolks, and wild sokeye salmon to increase HDL, and sometimes Imported cheese that is made from Raw milk. In addition, you are missing 1 key nutrient Niacin as Nicotinic Acid of a minimum of 500mg, start with 1 capsule you will get flushed effect, than test, as Niacin will boost your HDL levels and lowers Trig even further.. where the ratio will be below <1 ... let me know how that goes..

    Here is the link as an example



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    Thank you for answer Maurice. My doctor was overly suprised i got my cholesterol down without statins and almost gave me a standing ovation 🤪i have niacin but forgot all about it. Starting today.. I buy all supplements from iherb as buying in Norway is crazy expensive. 

    I have court case coming up in 1 month to get more time with my child, this will cost me about 15.000$ so im on a budget, but wanted to try nmn. The norwegian child laws are setup to promote conflict so trying to be the better person has exhausted me completly.

    My last order to be delivered is this:Check out what I have ordered recently! https://www.iherb.com/tr/cb?pcodes=CGN-01169qty1_PHV-41035qty1_NFS-01683qty1_NFS-01630qty1_NOW-03504qty1_SNS-01799qty1_DRB-00087qty1_SNS-02710qty1_NOW-01480qty1_LFH-91547qty1_CGN-01180qty1_NOW-00035qty1_DRB-00316qty1_NOW-00208qty1&rcode=GEK676&utm_medium=appshare


    My eating has been to a minimum and i need to correct this asap, i have good supply of halibut and most kind of salt water fish, fresh. 

    Anything Else i should have in my supplement arsenal?