Eggs good or bad definitive answer

Please could you explain in more detail about how many eggs are safe to eat per day, per week, in one post you said you eat up to ten eggs a day. I love eggs and would do the same but all the scientific information out there says 1 per day 7 per week even for someone with no health issues. Please can you elaborate on why you say it’s safe to eat as many as you do?
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    There are so much BS out there more than proper truth.

    1 x Egg contain the following; (based on a large Egg)

    1.6g of Saturated Fat

    186.5mg of Cholesterol

    6g of Protein


    What worries the public and the media is the amount of Saturated fats and Cholesterol.

    Saturated fats are what give you proper Fat soluble vitamins. And Cholesterol is what gives you brain enhancement and vitamin D production and antioxidant.


    It doesn’t mean if you eat a rich cholesterol food that your cholesterol Bullshit is going to increase, and it’s irrelevant.


    Saturated fats do increase cholesterol levels, but mostly the HDL levels. If you are ever worried.

    Check your LP(a), Apo B, and MPO. These are predictors of inflammation caused from too much Fructose and too much Saturated fats.


    Doctors and Pharmaceuticals they want you to stay sick and not heal properly.


    Since I eat 10 eggs a day, that’s a total of 16g of Saturated fats, which is 1tbsp a day of fat, which is super minor and does not cause any issues. And that’s a total of 1865mg of cholesterol a day. Keep in mind, whether you eat cholesterol or not, your liver produces 3000mg a day.


    Eggs are safe…. Eating fat is safe… eating cholesterol food is safe….