Treating knee Osteoarthritis

Thank you for your suggestion of treating my knee osteoarthritis with a combination of vitamin D3 10,000IU and K2 (Mk7) 120mcg in addition to saturating myself with Magnesium Chloride. Please let me know how long I should stay with 10,000IU of vitamin D and if there is a specific brand you recommend that has the correct combination with K2. I'm seeing a lot of K listed as vitamin K 20mcg and MK-7 90 mcg. Thank you.
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    Hi Mitch, Some of the supplements that you will be utilizing could be a number of years. Things do not heal within days, weeks or sometimes months. It depends how bad the situation is it could take years. But also your lifestyle plays a huge role in this. AS for the combination of Vitamin D3 with K2, I would recommend [this](

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