Niacin protocol for Cholesterol

So my blood test came back still high after doing Niacin your protocols for past three months. Any idea why Niacin appears to be ineffective? Numbers remained in changed probably need to go back on Crestor ?
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Asked by Rick |

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    Hi Rick.

    Need to see before and after numbers. In addition, if you only took 500mg, did you feel the flush on every single capsule or not? also did you saturate correctly as I have mentioned. Niacin balances your total/Trig/HDL/LDL so it causes no Oxidization. Even if numbers did not get lower much, it balances from being oxidized and you have to find out what your body required per mg intake?


    need to know, how much you took daily?

    With or without food?

    Type of Niacin you Took?

    And when was niacin consumed, day time or evening?

    Also the brand name you bought?