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Maurice, I had each of the blood tests you requested done. (CH 292, TG 158, HDL 50, LDL 210) HS-CRP 5.937 Homocysteine 8.59 Fibrinogen 449.0 HbA1C 32.68 LP(a) 39.10 APO B 1.74 MPO (not sure which this is in blood panel) GFR 74.80 ACR (not sure which this is on blood panel) GGT 19.36 AST 18.95 Current diet: since January 1/23, I eat 1-1.5meals per day. Have cut out all dairy except plain Greek yogourt. I consume Fish (salmon & tuna), greens (mainly broccoli), beans, soups & occasionally rice. No pasta, bread or refined sugar.
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