Hello I just bought magnesium (glycinate) is that ok? I started exercising and cutting out sodium and eating better. My blood pressure has been 140/90, 158/98, 144/100 and yesterday morning 133/89. I am on blood pressure medication. Any recommendations for me? I know my anxiety probably doesn’t help bc I’m constantly thinking about it and getting stressed out.
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    Hi Anna, Whenever we experience blood pressure it could many things happening in our system. Lifestyle, eating habits, work, environmental, etc… But to get started properly, would be great to stat consuming magnesium to saturate your cells, as 90% of the population that experience high blood pressure are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium should be consumed, 20 drops per 1 cup of water every 2 to 3 hrs, until saturation. You can purchase it [here]( and use [this]( guide to learn how to properly saturate/ In addition, once saturated you can wean off your blood pressure drugs. Also would add 2 capsules of [nitrate supplement]( every morning to prevent any arterial damages in the process.

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