Hi Maurice, FIrst of all, thanks very much for all of your information and valuable time. I am a 51 year old male, my BMI is 31 and I am hypertensive(and taking low level blood pressure medication) and recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, so now using CPAP machine. I recently(2 months ago), started working out at the gym 5 to 6 days a week. What supplements etc, do you recommend I take? I am on the UAE so may not be able to get all the USA brands, but we have quite a good selection. Thanks in advance
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    Hi, What you require is a [nitrate supplement](https://www.berkeleylife.com/register/?practitioner_code=MD2021), to increase blood flow and lowers blood pressure naturally,(take 2 capsules every morning, if unable to order to UAE, than check the ingredients if you can get similar) and in addition [magnesium](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/trace-minerals-low-sodium-mega-mag-400-mg-4-fl-oz-118-ml/23262) to [saturate correctly](https://payhip.com/b/gO4Kd).

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