Chest pain

Hi, over indulgent holidays had chest pains little dizzy spells . Went doc had high blood pressure but suffer from white coat syndrome. Couple days later went hospital had ecg and bloods all good no issues thankfully . Doc mentioned stomache acid but also had my wife been I’ll so maybe long covid. Any ideas
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    Hi, usually whenever we indulge and end up mixing fat and sugar, causing coagulation and glycation effect, and will restrict blood flow to certain organs causing dizziness, breathing issues, sleeping, etc… whenever this happens best to consume Vitamin C with Vitmain E Tocotrienols to prevent such incident, and or fast 24hrs the day after to eliminate any inflammation,. With the little information you have given me, I cannot give you a straight honest answer, without knowing your eating habits prior to this, and or if you are taking medications, etc

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