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Hi, just did regular blood work. I'm 19 6'2" and 160 lbs Total Cholesterol- 222, Hdl-65, LDL-141, Triglycerides-75. A1C-5.2, Insulin Level- 2.00 On the CBC, LYMP is 1.28(low) range is 1.32-3.57. Is it something to worry about? Urea Nitrogen-19(high), Globulin-4.1(high) Vitamin b-12- 503 Doctor says everything is fine and I am healthy. My diet consists of: -meat, chicken, eggs, -peanuts, almonds, coconut oil, olive oil, -fruits, sweet potato, oats, rice, honey Supplements- Magnesium Glycinate, Gut armor. Thanks!
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    Hi, 1.Ratio of Trig to HDL is above >1, therefore we would need to start a niacin therapy. 2.UREA is normal to be high, if you eat more protein than usual, 3. Globulin being high, could be an immune disorder, therefore more testing on inflammatory factors have to be checked, such as GFR, Hs-CRP, ESR, ACR. 4. I would discontinue the usage of peanuts, almonds. 5. Limit fruits/honey to 3 times a week with last meal. 6. Limit simple carbs, as sweet potato, white rice, to twice a week with last meal. 7.How much magnesium glycinate? 8. Gut Armor Twice a day? [Niacin]( should be starting with 500mg at lunch for first 10 days. Than increase another dose at dinner. (flush verison).

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