Feeling pain side of my left chest and upper back left area

Dear Doctor, I need your advice for my current health condition. I checked my cholesterol 2 months before and got ldl cholesterol is 170. I feel time ro time little pain in my left lower chest area and sometimes upper left back. Now i am taking statin 20mg and amlodipine 5mg since 2 months. After using medecine i feel more uncomfortable in my lower chest area. I am following very strict diet and doing interval trademill running 7 kilometer every day. Now i am using vitamin d3 and k2 mk7 since 2 weeks, omega 3 as well. I ordered co q 10 and magnesium glycinate and planning to start that one also. I am doing strict exercise so i lost almost 12 kg in 45 days. Please kindly help me best suppliment ro cure my current health situation. I would be greatful to you.
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    Hi; LDL: 170 Pain Left lower chest area and sometimes upper left back Statin 20mg, amlodipine 5mg, with medications pain in lower chest area Start taking magnesium of 200mg every 3 to 4hrs of the current form you are purchasing, in addition do Add Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) flush form of 500mg with dinner time. The pain sometimes it’s usually coming from the pancreas? As trying to process the meds and or having issue with insulin. Need more information about your eating/drinking habits to assist you further. I need to see a full panel of your cholesterol numbers.

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