Hi, my wife has Hypothyroidism she is 43 years old - and for years now she is taking medicine Euthyrox 75. I would like to know if is possible that she can take vitamins with combination with diet - to eliminate medicine at all? Myself and my wife we are changing our lifes atm :) we are doing intermittent fasting: - 16 by 8 OR - 14 by 10 At least we are trying. Her diet: - breakfast around 10am: scramble eggs, avocado, nuts: cashew, pecan, bilberry - lunch: usually soup or chicken/pig plus potatoes and salat - dinner: whole grain sandwich plus some nuts Also my wile has higher total cholesterol 258. At the moment she is taking following supplements: - magnesium citrate - zynk - witamin d - witamin b3 niacin (we ordered) As a whole we would like to improve our life/body by eating less during the day.
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    Hi Jarek; With Thyroid issues, sometimes we cannot intermittent fast for too many days. Try to keep it maximum of 3 days per week And on the other days, continue eating at least 2 to 3 meals. Current breakfast breakfast around 10am: scramble eggs, avocado, nuts: cashew, pecan, bilberry Better breakfast: Eggs, avocado and that’s it no need for nuts or fruits in the morning, too early to put on digestive distress Current Lunch: Soup or chicken/pork, plus potatoes and salad Better Lunch: Soup or Chicken, is excellent choice, I would remove potatoes and keep a good salad combination Current Dinner: whole grain sandwich plus some nuts Better Dinner No bread should be consumed as it does conflict with conversion of T4 to T3. Instead, have 1 whole avocado, steak or chicken or fish, and add only 1 CUP of WHITE RICE and 1 CUP OF BERRIES As for the supplement Take Magnesium Chloride instead of Magnesium Citrate Add Selenium and L-tyrosine to your supplement list and take with food
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    Thank You for feedback 😀

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