High cholesterol and Stage 1 hypertension

Hi Maurice, I am a 50 year old Hispanic male who is overweight but relatively healthy. Blood pressure stays in the stage 1 hypertension range since I was in my 20s. I have never been on or needed pharmaceutical meds but last year my doctor wanted me to start statins for cholesterol. I was 100% not on board and we had a falling out after 20 years of him being my doctor. I have always taken natural supplements for most of my life and it's helped me feel and look young. I am going to establish care w a new doctor and wanted to know which tests do you recommend that I take in order to use you for advice. My questions are... What tests should I take? How do I contact / pay you for your advice once I have the test results. Anything else that you recommend based on what I have described so far?
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    Hi David, Blood Tests to get CT Calcium Score (not a blood test) MPO, LpPLA2, APO B, APO A1, Lp(a), Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, HbA1C, HS-CRP, ACR, AST, GGT. If you like to book a time to discuss in details,you can do so [here](https://mauricedaher.setmore.com/) I would start with Niacin, Magnesium, and Nitrate to prevent oxidization, and stable your cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. [Niacin Flush Version](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/life-extension-vitamin-b3-niacin-500-mg-100-capsules/16365), start with 500mg at lunch [Magnesium Chloride](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/trace-minerals-low-sodium-mega-mag-400-mg-4-fl-oz-118-ml/23262) every 3hrs of 10drops in a cup of water [Nitrate Supplement](https://www.berkeleylife.com/register/?practitioner_code=MD2021) once a day, once you wake up

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