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Hi! I love your content. I’m 52 , started carnivore in august. Did well except changed my sugar addiction to heavy cream addiction. Many cups of coffee with heavy cream daily. Well got my lipid panel. Ratio 6.3 , triglycerides 416 , ya not good !!! My insulin was 2.3 , A1c 4.7. So that looks good. I gave up cream now, and going to focus on not consuming too much of anything throughout day. I’d love advice and how much do you charge for a 30 or 60 min consult?
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    Hi Regina; Thanks for reaching out, one of the main concern we run into Carnivore is the addiction of the FAT. It’s delicious and keeps us happy, but the same time if other nutrients are depleted the cholesterol levels could get oxidized, and that’s not a good sign. Meaning your body is not capable of utilizing the fats properly and that end up causing high Triglycerides levels and eventually causes insulin resistance in time. So limitation is the key and finding out your perfect ratio. As I know many users do a ratio 2:1 FAT:PROTEIN and some do much much less as they don’t train as often.In addition, here is the [link for the Consultation](https://mauricedaher.setmore.com/), $50 for 30minutes or $100 for 60 minutes if needed to cover more… In addition, if you still want to continue enjoying your cream with multiple cups, than few supplements will have to add to prevent oxidization.

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