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I have followed you off and on for the past year. What are the recommended tests for blood at primary care physician ? 62 yoa white male with elevated cholesterol. I have also been taking 2 to 3000 niacin daily ( your protocol) for past 3 to 6 months Prescription generic Vascepa daily
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    Hello, If you are not feeling any flush from the niacin, I would stop for 10 days, and re-introduce with 500mg and work your way up. Try being on empty stomach and or with warm water when consuming niacin. As for blood work; get the followings; RBC Potassium, RBC Magnesium, Fibrinogen, HbA1c, ESR, HS-CRP, Homocysteine, Free T3, Reverse T3, Cholesterol Lipid Panel, MPO or LpPLA2, OxLDL, ADMA/SDMA, ACR, BUN

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