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I’ve been suffering from blood pressure for a long time now. One thing that I Can tell you is I’ve been doing a-lot of checks and doctors have been saying that everything is fine. They put me on 10Mg Ramipril tablets to maintain this high blood pressure. My creatinine is on the baseline and my renin enzyme is very high at 106. I was born with a smaller kidney on the left side. So doctors are saying the small kidney is causing this high blood pressure which occurs intermediate. Usually happens in the evenings every 10-12 days. Reading is 160/105. My symptoms are headaches, shivering, feeling hot/cold and the urge to go to the toilet. Could you help me out ??
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    Hi Abdi; I can help you no problem and it’s an easy FIX. Please send me a list of foods you eat in a day including drinks/water/etc… I need to get an understanding of what you consume and what reflect on your kidneys. As Kidneys are related to high blood pressure. But it doesn’t mean we need medications. In addition, before I give you a list of some supplements to help, if you can get me the following numbers or blood work, would be great, just to eliminate any issues. As for High Blood Pressure, I would start taking Nitrate Supplement, 2 capsules in the morning, to allow all arterial system and blood flow to the kidneys stay fully activated and clean. I would like to see the following ACR, GGT, AST, GFR, LP(a), APO B, Homocysteine, HBA1C, ESR In addition, you should consider taking Magnesium Chloride to fulfill any missing gaps and assist the kidneys in filtering properly and reduction of any issues with the duct. Should be consumed of 10 drops every 2hrs, in a cup of water

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