How to detoxify COVID-19 vaccine toxicity

Hello Maurice. May I ask please how to detoxify COVID-19 vaccine toxicity , and how to eliminate its ingredients naturally….. thank you so much again sir.
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    Hi,This is a tough one, as there isn’t enough information to what degree does it affect us at the cellular level, or whether it implants itself as a protein attached to certain organs or not. But, you can always donate blood out, and your kidneys since it filters out poison out of the body and or toxins, having Alkali intake to assist with kidneys filtration would be ideal. Few other things to consider: Sauna Sweat Charcoal intake Magnesium Chloride R-Lipoic-Acid L-Glutathione Fasting 24 to 36hrs once a week And most important would be NMN Product, this is very expensive, let me know if you are interested. And last would be, [EDTA Chelation](; never done it before or have tested the product yet.

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