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Good morning I’ve had and still got high blood pressure plus acid reflux I’m on omoprexal 2x20ml a day have been for over 6years I’m also on 7.5ml ramipral 5m amoxicillin 5ml astrovastin for colestral I’ve also got 2 inruptured aneurysms so obviously I’m scared I’ve made quite a few life changes cutting down alcohol ect just started gym I’m on vitamin tablets garlic vitamin E and a new high fibre I’m also taking 100ml beet juice 2tbs apple cider vinegar 1 pomegranate juice slowly it’s going down it’s still high reading though just been watching your views on magnesium with the tablets I’m on what’s best would you say I work permanently on nights don’t really sleep more than 5hrs
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    Hi Gary; Concern: HBP and Acid Reflux Medication: Omoprexal, Ramipril, Amoxicillin, Astrovastin Supplements: Vitamin E, Garlic, High Fibre, Beet Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pomegranate, Are you able to send me an example of your food intake and drinks. As it all starts with the food we eat. In addition, while you are getting me that info. I need you ASAP to start taking Magnesium Chloride to saturate and Nitrate supplements to prevent any damages to the arterial system. Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium Saturation how to: Nitrate Supplement: Looking forward to what I requested, therefore I can start doing some adjustments with the supplements, in addition, if you have a recent blood work done, would be great to see as well.

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