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I take 1200mg of red yeast rice per day alongside coenzyme q10, magnesium elemental 400mg, cod liver oil, vit d3 k2. Can I also add plant sterols to reduce cholesterol? I have commented before that my cholesterol was 355, ldl: 293, hdl: 46, trig: 30 at 19 yrs old. I did a calcium artery test which was 0. Will plant sterols tamper with anything? I have not yet retested cholesterol as nhs england waiting list is too long. My doctor keeps telling me to stop eating eggs and red meat, I don’t know who to listen to. Thank you for all the support
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    If you are taking Red Yeast Rice, and the other supplements you had mentioned. The only 2 other supplements I would add would be [Niacin Flush](, and [vitamin E Complex]( to prevent any oxidized lipids. Eating meat or Saturate animal fats will increase your cholesterol levels and it doesn’t mean it’s going to cause any issue. Your levels are normal by the way, I would not worry too much and keep adding supplements to supress. If anything you should get the following blood testing to find out if any inflammatory issues are causing any oxidization. HS-CRP, Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, HbA1C, LP(a), APO B, and MPO Plant sterols are a waste of money as well, they do not effect cholesterol levels or prevent oxidization, what I mentioned above Niacin will prevent oxidization.

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