Help father's results,is it diabetes?

I wrote you earlier your video on tiktok about my father's results. here are his results. B -HbA1c 47 Fp -Gluk 7.1 P-Alat 66 P -Kol 5.5 P-Kol-HDL 1.07 P-Kol- LDL 3.5 P-Krea 78 P - Trigly 3.35 Pt-GFReEpi 93 He has prostate cancer and use hormone therapy as medicine. If you could help i would really appreciate it.
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    Hi Lena, Based on the information; Your dad is prediabetic, with Triglycerides being as high as 296mg/dL and HDL at 41mg/dL and we are looking for a ratio to be below <1mg/dL and your father’s ratio for heart disease, diabetes, and others at 7mg/dL which is quite high…. That is the reason, prostate cancer is activated and possible heart disease as well.To assist further and more accurate with supplement intake, please send me an idea of what he consumes daily food/drinks, in addition any medications and or supplement intake. Also, in regards to the hormone therapy, what is he taking and how often. And if I can get his age, and weight.
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    My father uses calcium prescribed by the doctor, which also has vitamin D. He found out last year, 2022, that he has prostate cancer, which came as a surprise to all of us. He has always been well and worked really hard/ really long working hours.He has always had problems with cholesterol but not as high as now. As soon as he started hormone therapy her cholesterol went up. He has also had 24 radiation treatments last year, but still he has been strong and has not given up from radiation treatments, he has always gone straight to work.We have a family restaurant, which is really important to him. My dad drinks a lot of water and tea. because of prostate cancer, He has tried to be careful with his food and eat more vegetables and fruits. There are also days when he eats meat and bread. he does not smoke and has never smoked does not drink alcohol does not drink soft drinks. he moves a lot at work because he is a cook and now he has also started going for a run. The name of his hormone medication is ENANTON DEPOT DUAL 11.24 mgl leuprorelin. acet he takes one shot every 3 months. So far he has had 4 shots and should have 4 more. He also considered stopping hormonetherapy because he can't stand side effects anymore.The doctor said about the results that he is not diabetic but it is good to be careful with her diet and exercise because her liver has too much fat. his doctor didn't mention anything about prediabetic or heart. My father is almost 62 years old and weighs 84kg P.S. The doctor told my father to measure blood pressure every morning and evening during this week. And these are the results. Monday morning : 140/81/58 Monday evening: 124/82/60, Tuesday morning: 129/79/59 Tuesday evening: 122/80/67, Wednesday morning: 127/8059 Wednesday evening: 128/80/54
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    Hi Lena, From me looking at everything, your dad, is Pre-Diabetic, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Prostate cancer. Pre-Diabetic Intermittent fasting should be practiced at least 3 times a week of 18hrs Any type of CARBS or SIMPLE CARBS, should never be consumed during the day, it should all be moved to last meal of the day. Discontinue any seed oils or vegetable oils, or any canned and or processed foods. Keep it simple. Any fruits should be consumed with last meal ONLY Any Grains should be consumed with last meal ONLY High Blood Pressure You would need [Nitrate Supplement]( to stable and [Magnesium Chloride]( to saturate your cells. Nitrate supplement should consume 2 capsules every morning Magnesium Chloride take 10 drops every 2hrs in 1 cup of water Check the following blood testing to make sure no arterial damages; MPO or LpPLA2, HS-CRP, ESR, Homocysteine, LP(a), APO B High Cholesterol With the lifestyle changes I’ve mentioned, the numbers should get lower a bit, but since the treatment, it will stay high for the next twao years, and we cannot wait two years due to the oxidization of lipids, that said, start the following treatments; [Niacin Flush]( [Vitamin E Complex]( [Red Yeast Rice]( Niacin you start with 500mg with lunch, you will get flush effect and turn red,warm, and itchy, this is normal. 500mg for the first 30 days, once the flush has decreased, than start taking it on empty stomach, and once the flush stops, increase to 1000mg Vitamin E, take 1 capsule with lunch and 1 capsule with dinner Red Yeast Rice, take 1200mg with dinner. Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer is tough to reverse, but we can stop the progression and starve the cancer cells by eliminating sugars, simple carbs, seed oils, and processed foods, in addition I would add this product to increase flexibility and start cleaning out the system. It’s a bit expensive but 100% worth it. For [this product]( you will only take 1500mg to 2000mg daily, no need with food, could be empty stomach. This is roughly ½ tsp size. Keep me updated on the changes, and will assist further more

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