Niacin is making me naseous

I added Niacin 3 weeks ago and started at 200mg 2 times with a meal and the flushing which is fine, but made me a bit nauseous and I have ibs etc so just hurt my stomach so now have cut back to 100mg 2 times a day for last 14 days. Is this normal that it takes a long time to build tolerance or is it just because I have a bad gut. Also I’m interested in 60 min phone or zoom if u do that as I have multiple things going despite a great diet and 3 days in gym. Blood panel kind of a mess for over 10 years. I take no medications. Just supplements
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    Hi Mark, Niacin does take a while to build tolerance. Nothing to do with the gut, it’s all based on your lipids and how your body requires niacin to continue burning off triglycerides levels and balancing any oxidization. That said, would be great to have a call and discuss in details if you like and cover everything with you. You can book time with me [here](

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