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I'm 57 year old black female with stage 3 kidney disease. Diabetes, and high blood pressure. I've managed to control my Diabetes, but my blood pressure is something different, right now I'm on Furosemide, losartin, 1 time per day hydralazine 3 times per day,and Carvedilol twice a day, and my bp is still uncontrolled I'm really frustrated because all the dr is going to do is switch my meds or add an extra medication, and yes I am overweight
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    Hi LaWonna; In order to assist you better would like to get an idea of what you eat in a daily basis with any beverage. Send me an example. In addition, you should get the following Blood Work to find out if any damages already occurred to the arterial system, due to the kidney disease. HS-CRP, MPO, LpPLA2, LP(a), Apo B, Homocysteine, ACR, Fibrinogen, AST, ALT, GGT, IGF-1 As for the supplements, you should go on [nitrate supplement]( https://www.berkeleylife.com/register/?practitioner_code=MD2021) (2 capsules in the monrning) ASAP and [Magnesium](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/trace-minerals-low-sodium-mega-mag-400-mg-4-fl-oz-118-ml/23262?rcode=RIC9964) (Take 10 drops every 2hrs) to start balancing your HBP, and in time we can adjust with other supplements, please make sure you saturate your body with magnesium, once saturated your HBP will reduce and therefore the doctor should start weaning you off the meds. [Here]( https://payhip.com/b/gO4Kd) is the Magnesium Saturation PDF.
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    Thank you for replying! I just ordered the magnesium and nitrate supplements.What I eat in a day Breakfast: scampered eggs 3 slices of bacon with oatmeal, or a bowl of cheerios. And some days I'll just have a cup of coffee Lunch: a tossed salad with fruit(grapes, apples) or I might have a sandwich or something from subway, I work quite often so my coworkers and I order out most of the time Dinner: is whatever because I work a twelve our shift (7a-7p) so I'm tired and hungry sometimes it might be a bowl of canned soup or I might grab a bowl of grapes and nothing else. Throughout the day I drink water. And coffee. I dont drink soda
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    Hi LaWonna, Current Breakfast; scrambled eggs, 3 slices of bacon, oatmeal, or bowl of cheerios Proper Breakfast; should never include any grains at all, as it spikes insulin too early in the morning, causing the issue with HBP, and as well lipid oxidization. Lunch: Salad with Fruits, or sandwich or subway Proper Lunch; Salad is good, meat should be good or chicken, but NO sandwiches, NO Subway, NO Fruits, again you are causing a massive sugar surge too early again, if you want to have subway, than NO BREAD. Dinner: Canned soup, or grab bowl of grapes. Correct Dinner; I am fine with simple carbs at last meal, as the insulin spike will repair instead of causing inflammation during the day time, not bad, in time I would eliminate anything canned, I know it’s tough with work and ordering, but try to order foods that does not have any processing, or being a simple carbs.In addition you are in Stage 3 Kidney Disease and diabetes, you need to start looking after your health, and not just eat because that’s all I can find, if you can’t find anything in specific than FAST, no need to eat, let the body heal it self. As well I would add this supplement, as it’s rich in Alkali Citrate to support your Kidneys and allow the filtration to stop progressing and hopefully if the damage is minor we can reverse in couple years. Either Get Piedra Chanca and Juniper or Get [Moonstone](https://moonstonenutrition.com/?sca_ref=3068806.lJwZCfkjbI)

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