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Hi Maurice ,my bp is in the range but i still feel drowsy and dizzy most of the time sometimes pain in the body i still feel some pain in my left upper chest part ..done ecg several times but doctor dont relate with cardiac issue ???i really dont what to do …as a fireman i have to do my job ..but i dont feel well at all ..were to start bro help
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    Hello Amitabh, One of the biggest issue is as a fireman you are exposed to PFAS PFOS. And those chemicals are considered “forever chemicals” and one of the side effects I have seen in the fire service is issues with blood panel results. Which I would really like to see the following blood work done asap if possible. HS-CRP, Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, LP(a), Total Cholesterol, Apo B, HbA1C, MPO, LpPLA2, AST, GGT, ACR. In addition, I would start taking Magnesium Chloride at a therapeutic level and Garlic asap to start healing internal Blood Vessels from more damages, if there is any, I’m hoping there isn’t any… [Magnesium Chloride]( take 100 to 200mg every 2 to 3hrs, [Garlic]( take 2 capsules, 3 times a day.

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