Are you taking micropyrin? If not what do you take instead? I have a decrease in kidney filtration rate
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    Hi, When you say Kidney filtration is low, what is the number? Is it below 15? Your GFR number is low, kidneys not working well? How long have the issue been with Filtration, are you taking any nitrate supplements, in case there is any HBP events? How is your vitamin D levels? Any other testing was done, like ACR? What is your HbA1C levels? Are you still doing full ketogenic lifestyle? With limited carbs? Send me more information, and I’m glad you reached out here, as within TikTok It’s very hard to respond with such details information that I require to dig dipper into this issue.
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    I am in what is called stage 2. My filtration rate is 76. Normal is between 90 and 120. I don't have diabetes or protein in my urine, so I'm in good condition and I want to try to balance over 80 if possible? How do I keep my kidneys healthy? I'm not ketogenic but I'm low carb I don't eat sugars and simple carbs I don't eat processed food mainly vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, and some fruit
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    Hi David,Just be mindful of some of the vegetables and the absorption of oxalates. As we want to maintain the oxalate levels low.When you are in stage 2, all we can do with some supplement is try to maintain the health of the kidneys. But if I was in your shoes, I would not settle for maintenance, I would want to explorer and test other options to fix the issue and revive the damages. So, That said, your possible best option, is either stem cells or peptides. I would try to peptides first, and find out if this is something you can get you in your country or not. Look for Atrial Natriuretic Peptide.If you are going to try this peptide, make sure the doctor does know how it works and how much intake is required, as it does increase urine to restore pressure back of the kidneys.

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