How can I lower my BP?

Hello Dr! I wish you are well. I have e problem with my bp, 14/10 or 15/10 and I have a bad back headache that drives me crazy. Not a fan of drugs. Can you please help me? I'm male, 32 y/o 189cm, not too active, 102kg, My mornings are light, with some hibiscus tea, a sandwich with avocado, eggs, virgin olive oil, and fruits! Lunch, some chicken or meat soups, salads (greens) mostly and half a plate of pasta sometimes! Dinner some backed potatoes, salad of course, yogurt I'm not too active, just some walk and then working (dentist)
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    Hi, Current Morning: hibiscus tea, sandwich with avocado, eggs, olive oil, fruits Correct Morning: hibiscus tea, avocado, eggs, olive oil (no sandwich and no fruits) too early in the morning to spike insulin, causing high triglycerides which causes fluctuating blood pressure Current Lunch: Chicken or meat soups, salads (green), half of a plate of pasta. Correct Lunch: Chicken/Meat Soups, Salads (remove any simple carbohydrates or processed carbs in the first 2 meals of the day to prevent any inflammatory reaction) this will naturally balance your HBP. But based on the food you eat, I would highly start magnesium as mentioned and it should be saturated properly. As it shows a deficiency based on the food groups and being anti-nutrient Current Dinner: baked potatoes, salad, yogurt, Moving all your simple carbs from during the day and having them at night would be most beneficial, and therefore if the insulin spikes, it will act as a repair mechanism instead of making things bigger and causing inflammation during the day.. This would be a good start for the next 30 days, and after I would only have simple carbs every other day, while you are still consuming magnesium. In addition, please check your Kidney Filtration eGFR testing and ACR. And check your adrenals, to make sure both organs are functioning well. Keep me updated, and send me results.

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