Hi I am 36 years old I have Pcos mostly insulin resistance type hypothyroidism and Bp I have reduced around 10kg of weight by going low carb diet and am stuck can u please help what are the good fats to consume and supplement for blood pressure
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    Hi; In order to assist you further, are you able to send a sample of what you eat/drink in a day… In addition to Hypothyroidism and BP are you able to get few tests, therefore I can check to ensure no organs or arterial stiffness is already occurring. In addition, while waiting for some blood work, please go ahead and start taking Magnesium Chloride, if you are not able to purchase locally, I will post the link for an online order if you like; (optional), same with blood work could be done at home (optional) or get them done locally. Magnesium Chloride: https://ca.iherb.com/pr/trace-minerals-ionic-magnesium-400-mg-2-fl-oz-59-ml/22222 Blood Test: Please use Elimination30 to get 30% discount for the blood work Test 1: https://www.letsgetchecked.com/home-diabetes-and-heart-test/ Test 2: https://www.letsgetchecked.com/home-micronutrient-test-kit/ Test 3: https://www.letsgetchecked.com/home-thyroid-antibody-test/ Once you gather all the info, please reach out back to me, therefore we can take a step further and start fixing your Hypo, PCOS and BP. As for the fats for now, try to stick with more mono-unsaturated fats from avocado and olive oil, and omega 3 from Wild Sockeye Salmon if possible. And some good saturated fats from coconut fat if possible, will limit the intake of saturated fats from animal.

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