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Dear Maurice, I am battling with uncontrolled highblood pressure. And hiatal hernia (2cm) In the morning I take either oats with full cream milk or I take muesli with cream youghurt. Lunch I take vegetables with chicken drumstick or breast. Supper I take vegetables with chicken or beef Sometimes I take Morning breakfast is brown bread with eggs and tea or juice Lunch I take porridge with canned beef with beans Supper then I take noodles or spaghetti with means meat For hiatal hernia I'm taking ulsanic pills.
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    Hi, Concern: Uncontrolled HBP, Hiatal Hernia (2cm) When you say uncontrolled HBP, can you share some numbers, and is the testing been checked at least 3 times a day.In addition, are you currently taking any supplements? As for your current lifestyle, I can see few issues, that could be causing the fluctuation.. As we age certain foods over the years of usage they do create a deficiency, I am not saying they are bad to eat, just the deficiency of certain minerals over the years will eventually cause symptoms, leading to chronic disease. For example; Morning, I would remove, cream milk, cream yoghurt, and muesli from the diet, instead I would keep it simple, eggs and avocado. More bioavailable to the body to digest without causing any disturbance of mineral imbalances. Lunch: looks good, as long as the drumstick or breast not fried, maybe BBQ I hope, and I hope the chicken is pasture raised, if not, I would eliminate and replace with fish or beef, as chicken ratio of omega 6 is 50:1 causing inflammation in the Gi tract. Dinner: looks and sounds super clean, now since no simple carbs was consumed at night, I would take the morning yoghurt and have it at dinner, instead of the morning, therefore the insulin spike from lactose, will benefit or allow the boy to go into a repair mechanism instead. On your other example; Again, eliminate Juice, porridge, anything canned, and beans, and remove noodles or spaghetti to only have it once or maybe twice a week with last meal only. For Hiatal Hernia; we need to start working with digestive enzymes and gutarmor to heal the system as whole. (not sure if you are having issues with Acid Reflux or Gerd, or being constipated or bloated from the issue) would like more info Treatment would be ; Fasting of 15hrs minimal, no more as acidity will fluctuate.[Adding Digestive enzymes gold](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/enzymedica-digest-gold-with-atpro-120-capsules/3612) before every meal about 3 capsules. [GutArmor](http://getgutarmor.com/eliminationdiet), Use Eliminationdiet for 20% discount, this to start allowing the Gut to heal, take with every meal 1 capsule. Any questions or issues, please do keep me updated.

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