TRT and High Hemoglobin

Hello - I'm a big fan of your tiktok account. Thanks for all the useful information. I'm male, 43 years old, and working out 4-5 times per week. I follow a fairly healthy diet... mostly carnivore but with a few cheats per week. I started TRT in February of this year and starting in June, my Hemoglobin jumped up into the 18.5 range. My last labs showed my total cholesterol at 225, triglycerides at 59, HDL at 75 and LDL at 140. My potassium level was 5.4. I've donated some blood and my hemoglobin is now 17.2 I'm wondering what advice you may have for me to help keep my hemoglobin in a good range.
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    Hi Ben, Thank you for the support. If you are measuring in mg/dL the hemoglobin is a bit high (yes). This is usually a cause of lack of oxygen (blood flow), or coagulation. Is your EPO ( erythropoietin high as well, just curious. Maybe send me full details of your blood work, therefore I can take a peak at everything, and do some calculation. in addition, Trig to HDL is a bit high as well, I would add niacin flush of 500mg at dinner time, you will feel warmth and itchy a bit, that is 100% normal… And is your potassium measured in SERUM or RBC levels. Other than the TRT what have changed in the lifestyle, sorry I do require more info to guide you better.

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