High cholesterol and clogged arteries

How to lower cholesterol and help the heart from being having parcely clogged arteries ??? I had to stop cholesterol meds cause it was killing my lower back.. as soon I stop cholesterol meds my back felt better..
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    Hi David, there are few supplements to take. But without knowing your lifestyle eating and drinking habits. This is what I would recommend. 1 [Magnesium Chloride](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/trace-minerals-low-sodium-mega-mag-400-mg-4-fl-oz-118-ml/23262), take 140mg per 1 cup of water every 3hrs, to saturate cells, and it does lower cholesterol levels and prevent arterial calcification 2. [Nacin](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/life-extension-vitamin-b3-niacin-500-mg-100-capsules/16365) also know as vitamin b3 or Nicotinic Acid; 500mg on empty stomach before lunch for the first 10 days, than another dose in the evening after you finish the 10 days. Controls blood clotting by reducing triglycerides and LDL and increase HDL and it depletes any lipid accumulation 3.[Nitrate Supplement](https://www.berkeleylife.com/register/?practitioner_code=MD2021), to prevent from anything sticking to the walls of the arteries, this is based on if kidneys are functioning well or not, and or you are experiencing HBP. Than take 2 capsules every morning

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