Good morning. Any insight on diverticulitis? How to clean it up ? How to prevent it ? How does one get diverticulitis? What foods to eat and stay away from etc? Any info much appreciated. Thank you
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    Hi; thanks for reaching out...Everything we eat, we either causing an issue or constantly healing and optimizing our bodies. And the issue with diverticulitis or the cause let’s say; is related to lifestyle, heavily use of medications such as antibiotics, or could be an infection. It’s hard to pin point. But let’s assume it’s lifestyle or eating habit modification that could of reacted. What we think is healthy, is not so healthy for all of us. So sticking to a non-heavily processed food would be choice number 1, and anything else that is still processed should be completely eliminated. As for food intake, we always would like to include postbiotics, probiotics, and prebiotics, and tons of bone broth. The problem is , I’m not sure how extreme the issue is within your colon, what size are the pouches, and how long has it been, are you getting any blockage.Are you getting bloated, constipated, diarrhea, any fever or vomiting. Eating habits should include; inulin for fiber, white rice for prebiotics and sweet potatoes, and these should be only included within your diet at last meal of the day.. any vegetables or fruits you consume, make sure they are fresh and whatever is in season. As for nay type of nuts, stick to walnut only, and make sure they are sprouted. For Probiotics – do consume Kefir at least twice a day after every meal, and in limitation of sauerkraut , no need to take supplements. When you are consuming red meat, stick with lean cuts. Also add, Wild Salmon, Pasture raised chicken and eggs. Eliminate cheese from your diet, and or any type of dairy, other than kefir (as being fermented) Eliminate any stimulants, and any alcohol with 5% or higher. Add [GutArmor](http://getgutarmor.com/eliminationdiet) to start healing at the cellular levels; use eliminationdiet for 20% discount. Use [Digestive Enzymes](https://ca.iherb.com/pr/enzymedica-digest-gold-with-atpro-240-capsules/16790) to break down the food and give your pancreas a chance to start healing your Gi Tract. I would start with the followings; I’ve mentioned, and keep me updated, if you require more info, please let me know.

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